Maintenance & Repair Welding

Arc Welding is currently used for many field like Fabrications and Constructions. These Structures use various types of steels
and Cast iron suitable for their applications. Different Metals inherently possess different Weldability. Some Metals are redily Weldable and some are
difficult to weld, Which require specific Welding Procedures.

Electrodes for Welding High Strength STEEL and CAST IRON should satisfy the Following general requirements.
a) The weld metal satisfies the mechanical properties (Tensile strength,Ductility,Notch toughness) required by the
relevent standards and Specifications.
b) Crak resistance of the Weld metal is sufficient.
c) Useability is good enough to make Sound Welds.
d) Welding efficiency is sufficiently High.

Steel Repair Welding Products :
DELTATEC is designed Austenite + Ferrite type Special covered Electrodes suitable for connecting Alloy with High Sensitive Crack,Corrosion resistent and Abrasion resistent by overlaying and inter layers Welding for Crack prevention as it is designed to be a Component which has less contraction Stress during Cooling process. Advantages :
  • Work Hardenable, High Strength Weld Joints and High Machenical Values.
  • Designed to produce Crak – Free uniform weld deposits.
  • The unique Coating and Special Alloy Core wire produces a Homogenious and Porosity Free Machinable Weld Joints.
  • Elimination of Side beed Craking and Under beed Craking.
  • High Shock and Impact resistance.
  • High Corrosion and Heat resistance.
  • Suitable for Welding Difficult to Weld Steels such as Mn – steel and Armour Plates.
Cast Iron Repair Welding Products :
DELTATEC is designed to Weld in all position electrodes Coated with Nickel for welding of Cast iron. High content of Nickel weld deposits are fully machinable. This electrodes tolerates the Amperage settings and suitable for both Cold & Hot Welding of Cast iron. High Elangation and Impact strength,Soft Machinable and totally Non Conductive Flux coating. Advantages :
  • Higher Tensile Strength comparing to any other Cast iron welding electrodes.
  • Crak Free weldments because of Extra Nickel Content.
  • Perfect Colour Matching with Parent Material.
  • Machinable Welding without any Hard Spots.
  • Special Slag composition Can be Welded over with out Creating Porosity.
  • Smooth Arc action with low Spatter and minimal Penetration on either AC or DC.
  • A unique electrode for Cold Welding of Cast iron with out any Preheat.
Our Repair Welding Applications